Tuesday, September 11, 2018

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Is Google Making us Stupid

 This article first talks about how the author is realizing that they now have a hard time reading and focus on anything that is long. It's like our brains only want to skim through the texts and not actually interpret the information fully. I also realized I do the same thing, I find my self struggling to complete my class assignments just cause I cannot focus and get distracted. The author also mentions in this article how google could be helping us too. It's a quick and easy way to get information fast, which helps us alot in many situations. But it could also be harming us because we are getting information that easily and just skimming through to find the answer, and not actually reading all the information or fully understanding what we are talking about. Another interesting thing stated was that our brains aren't actually wired to be reading all this information. People used to do things orally (by physically speaking) and not writing. I know this is especially true for my language (Seneca), everything was done orally and we didn't have anything written down until recently. From reading this article, I've learned any reasons on why Google is/isn't making us stupid.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Reading on the screens

   This article is about how we now read things digitally and on the web. It discusses how it has advantages and disadvantages. One thing that really made sense to me was when they said that people who read online are just skimming and get sidetracked cause they can click on so many things. I know for a fact that I struggle with doing things online just cause I get distracted easily  and there’s so much to do online. Is interesting to think what will happen in years from now. Will people still be using paper or will evrything be digital ?

Reading in a whole new day

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     This article was about how we changed how we read. I think it’s very interesting to think about how quickly things change overtime. We went from barely being able to read/write on paper, to doing most things digitally. We don’t really need paper now, we can just look at things online. Reading things online is more interactive than reading things in paper. With things online we can click on things and see more if we need to (links). I think it’s very interesting to think where we’ll be in years from now and how times will change.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

We Used To Wait


As a member of the digital generation (growing up digitally), I have seen how using
technology is a huge part of everyone's lives.  I can remember going on the computer just
to play online games with my sister.  Then we started using it for social media. Now I use 
it everyday for doing schoolwork, and just for social media or whatever I need. Its weird 
to think that other people didn't have the luxury of all these computers, internet, and 
technology. We listened to this song that discusses how writing is different, the song was 
We Used To Wait